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JC1: Learn about Market Failure.

Learn how to answer CSQ relating to the Transport industry. Learn about the importance of externalities and public goods. Think critically on whether taxation is the best policy to solve the problem of smoking.

JC2: Learn about International Trade

Learn how to answer a CSQ on Protectionism. Analyse the impact of FTAs on standard of living. Think critically on why trade is important to Singapore.

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What is this JC Economics Learners Club?

A public education project by

JC Economics Learners Club empowers independent students to learn better on their own with proper learning resources. Receive topical learning resources on a regular basis. Check out how our public education project enrich your learning.

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You may want to join or JC1 or JC2 Economics Tuition, if you need more help than what our Economics Learning Club teaches.

What do we teach in our Economics Tuition?

  • - Economi Concepts Enrichment and Application
  • - CSQ and Essay Writing Skills Development
  • - CSQ Discussion and Practices (Marked and Reviewed)
  • - Essay Discussion and Practices (Marked and Reviewed
  • - Personal Consultation on how to improve
  • - Free Study Sessions with JC GP Tutor Simon Ng

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