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How we prepare you for A Level Economics

JC Economics Study is a learning app for students who are preparing for the A Level Economics examinations. It contains many useful features, like economics definitions, model essays, facts and figures. Harness the interactivity and visually-attractive learning tools to broaden your understanding of economics concepts and its application to essay and case study questions.

Features of the App

How we help you to study A Level Economics

Students will explore the full range of our Economics CSQ Database as they tap into our case study expertise and explore the diverse spectrum of questions. Our CSQs also feature 24/7 learning and practice in both web and mobile versions, enabling students to revise continuously no matter where they are. Students can also use our CSQ platform to seek regular feedbacks from our tutors and understand how their problems in the CSQ questions can be tackled. Read on and understand how you can approach different types of CSQ questions with distinct techniques.

Economics Definitions

Experiencing difficulties remembering the key terms for A Level Economics? Refer to our Economics Definitions app feature to remember important concepts that are to be applied in essay and case study questions. We have organised these definitions by chapters, like Theory of Demand and Supply and Market Failures, for easy access and reference.

Economics Model Essays

Learn how to write JC Economics Essays effectively by reading our model essays that are prepared by JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng. These essays are organised by the relevant chapter for revision. Also, you can examine how to write the introduction, set the paragraph development in the main body and conclusion. Diagram illustrations and explanation are also included.

Economics Facts and Figures

We motivate you to study Economics passionately by including interesting trivia, facts and figures relating to A Level Economics topics, like Economic Growth, Inflation, Unemployment, Market Structures and Cost of Production. Our Economics Facts contain quotes, statistics and conceptual observations to raise awareness on important areas of study.

How we help our students

Benefits of this learning app

We help students to learn better by organising the content for Microeconomics and Macroeconomics into respective chapters. By doing so, you undergo productive revision sessions to expand your knowledge. Within each chapter, we emphasise on specific economics concepts to cut down the time spent on reading and comprehension. Subsequently, we show you how to apply these concepts, like the writing of JC Economics Essays.

Organise your learning

Learn how to study in an organised and efficient way by using our features, like the definitions and model essays. We have arranged the content by individual chapters based on the two major overarching themes of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. Furthermore, you can study Economics anytime and anywhere.

Apply your knowledge

Apply your knowledge of economics concepts to the answering of A Level Economics essays and case study questions by referring to our model essay questions. Bear in mind that the mastery of A Level Economics is incomplete without actual writing to improve your speed of writing and content application based on the given contexts of the question.

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