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Kickstart your preparation for Economics with our Economics Tuition! We prepare you with our in-house Online Live Streaming Teaching Lessons, Online Practices and Study Structure through our EconomicsFocus Magazine and ETO Study App


How do we teach?

Our Distinctive Learning Features

Economics Tuition Online functions on a two-step teaching approach. First, students explore the Learning Studio to undergo conceptual revision. Understand the basics of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics via Livestream Classes and the Virtual Whiteboard.
Second, students adopt a hands-on learning approach at the Practice Lab to attempt Economics essay and case study questions. These practices are marked and reviewed by our JC Economics Tutor, such that these online materials are stored separately in the MyWork virtual folder.

1. Conceptual Revision: Economics Learning Studio

Participate in real-time discussion with our JC Economics Tutor to improve your understanding of Economics issues. We expose students to a broad range of topics, such as the US-China Trade War and the Covid-2019 pandemic, to understand the economic implications.

2. Skills Development: Economics Practice Lab

Assess your application skills by completing Economics essay and case study questions. Our tutor will mark and review your practices to identify areas of improvement, such that you are more proficient in preparation for the GCE A Level Economics examination.

What we offer for our Economics Tuition e-Learning?

Economics Theme of the Month

Every month, we will feature a particular theme to facilitate the real-time discussion at the Economics Learning Studio and the questions found in the Economics Practice Lab. Please refer to the table below for the most recent updates on the current theme.

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Study Right. Study Smart.

Introducing the Economics Learning Studio and Practice Lab - our two distinctive learning features to support the online learning experience for all JC students preparing for the GCE A Level Economics examinations.
The Economics Learning Studio emphasises on conceptual revision to grasp the basics of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. Also, the Economics Practice Lab features essay and case study practices to improve conceptual application skills

How do we conduct our economics online tuition?

Live-streaming platform

Similar to physical classroom teaching, tutor and students will learn and teach using a live streaming feature. A virtual whiteboard will be used for illustration of diagrams and explanation on concepts

MyWork folder

Students can organise their notes and marked exercises into MyWork folder, a private and digital folder, to ensure easy access to their personal notes for revision. This creates a stress-free study experience by providing students with an accessible online media library that they can organise and store their work.

Study App

Our study app will be used to complement online classroom learning. Notes, worksheets and assignments will be uploaded for students’ easy access during and after class. Students can also use the app to submit assignments and receive their marked work from the tutor.

Benefits of economics online tuition

Learn anytime anywhere

One key strength of elearning is that students can study Economics anytime and anywhere. Students can focus their energy on the live-streamed classes that feature thematic discussion and practice reviews at their own preferred location and time of the day.

Class Practices

Economics Focus will allocate the time during lessons for class practice such as Essay and CSQ practices. We believe in the importance of applying what you have learnt in order to better understand the teaching points.

A structured learning system

The digital media library functions as a storage feature to organise study notes and practices systematically. This reliable and structured learning system will aid students in developing an optimised revision process, such that they can retrieve references easily.

Skills development

Economics online tuition offers an added advantage of providing students with enriching learning videos, virtual classes and practices to refine their writing techniques. Our tutor will guide students through the analysis and answering of comprehension and essay questions.

Online practices

Try out online GP comprehension and essay practices to prepare for the school and national examinations. Our elearning has different types of practices to assist you in developing specific skills, such as outline writing and the use of examples.

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