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Economics Tuition Online

Learning Economics through tech-savvy ways

Economics Tuition Online is an E-Learning Programme developed by EconomicsFocus to incorporate quality education and convenient learning into a single entity, thus providing effective yet productive Economics Education for all. At Economics Tuition Online, we spearhead the education industry as well as its tuition derivative in Singapore, and utilise our innovation in technology to unlock the academic potential of Economics Students willing to learn and improve. Combined with strategic partnerships, we create better ways to understand and practise the complexities of Economics, enabling students to maximise their education.

Why Study JC Economics Tuition Online?

At JC Economics Tuition Online, our research development led us to understand the underlying needs of pre-tertiary and tertiary students and transform our product development to provide an extensive E-Learning Programme for students looking to up the ante in education. Utilise our all-in-one Online Learning Resource to study, revise and practise your Economics knowledge at any place or time of your liking. With the right Online Learning tool, you can be assured that your productivity enhances and serves your academic interest, especially when you look to accelerate your exam preparation for the GCE A Level Economics Paper.

Study at your own pace and comfort

Founded on the feedbacks of our students, Economics Tuition Online allows you to study at your desired pace and comfort so as to maximise your education productivity. Watch, Read and Learn through our Learning Videos, Notes and Skills as you attempt to consolidate your knowledge in critical topics such as Market Failure, Inflation and Globalisation.

As effective as regular tuition programme

Discover the full Economics syllabus under Economics Tuition Online and engage our comprehensive E-Learning programme as an effective alternative to a regular tuition programme. This E-Learning programme underpins the strength of our studying techniques as we cater a full spectrum of revision approaches for our student users, therefore creating a holistic learning environment in the palm of your hands.

Anytime and Anywhere

Curious about Economics but often undermined by your limited time to study? Worry no longer as Economics Tuition Online provides 24/7 Learning, not to mention 24/7 Online Support when you encounter technical difficulties. We made this possible with Economics Tuition Online incorporated in versions of Mobile App, Tablet App and Website App, allowing students to carry their learning whenever and wherever they go.

JC Economics Essays

Focusing preparation with exam-oriented skills

Develop complicated economic causations with reference to our model essay examples and seek out new ways to craft your arguments in support of your essay stand. With increasingly demanding question requirements in the GCE A Levels Economics Paper 2 Essay component, it is critical for students to pre-empt essay answer structures and forge a skill set inclusive of critical thinking and adaptive answering.

Recent Essays

Our Education Network

Our established economics tuition programmes in Singapore

While Economics Tuition Online serves as the technological arm of our Education Network, our physical tuition centres are the education arm, inspiring and educating students in the subject of Economics since 2000. Our Education Network has been striving to improve the academic standards for the nation and impart critical exam-techniques to students willing to learn and improve. Ultimately, we aim to enhance the logical- and critical-thinking and propel students beyond their potential as they look to enter distinguished universities and colleges at the tertiary level.

Economics Tuition

Consolidate your Economics Knowledge at EconomicsFocus - Economics Tuition, as you develop critical thinking skills in the field of Economics and sharpen your ability to analyse informational data and understand the application of Economic Concepts.

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Economics Tuition Bishan

Learn how Economics Concepts are shaped at Economics Tuition Bishan and develop keen acumen as you understand how concepts can be applied with real-world context. Join us now if you currently residing in Ang Mo Kio, Yishun, Woodlands, Sembawang and Sengkang!

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Economics Tuition Tampines

Engage in reflective thinking with Economics Tuition Tampines and comprehend the complexities of Economics as you delve into topics such as Market Structure and International Trade. Students from Bedok, Simei, Pasir Ris, Siglap, East Coast and Paya Lebar are welcome to join.

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Economics Tuition Singapore

Devise learning techniques with Economics Tuition Singapore and receive a headstart in your revision for the GCE A Level Economics Paper. Learn from our passionate tutors and acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to tackle the increasingly challenging Essay as well as CSQ Questions

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Economics Tuition Bukit Timah

Embrace in-depth learning in the study of Economics and appreciate how simple economic concepts can take shape in our individual lives with Economics Tuition Bukit Timah. Explore the field of Economics if you are located at Clementi, Jurong, Bukit Gombak, Bukit Batok, Commonwealth and Redhill.

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