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Think Rationally. Write Logically. Answer Correctly.

Intensive Revision for Mid-year, Promo and Preliminary exam
for J1 and J2 Students

Our tuition is exam-oriented, practice-centred and skill-based

Complete your content understanding and application of the syllabus in 10 lessons.

Be prepared with a huge list of modal essays and free CSQ and essay Writing sessions.

Build and develop your CSQ and Essay Writing Techniques.

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Economics Tuition Online

Develop Economics Acumen Effectively

Our Holiday Revision programme recaps JC1 Microeconomics concepts, to ensure a strong economics foundation before students embark on learning the Macroeconomics concepts during JC2. Microeconomics concepts will be revised through the review, practice and discussion of essay questions and case study questions (CSQs). The revision of concepts and skills will reduce the learning inertia that you may face when learning the Macroeconomics concepts.

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What do we mean when we structure our economics tuition to be


We believe in imbuing the Essay Writing and Case Answering Skills in our students to nurture their intellectual acumen to answer all types of questions and content of discussion. Know how you can understand questions well. Formed answering structure fast and correct. Write in a coherent and relevant approach.


The more you practise, the more perfect your answers. We provide Free Economics Practice sessions to improve answering skills, writing speed and capacity to tackle different types of question. Study with Simon every fortnight on Saturday.


It is an examination after all. Be well prepared with my spotted questions. Study in an efficient way with well-written materials like modal essays, specially explained concepts and well-illustrated diagrams. We nurture students to be ready for Grade A for examination.

Understand our teaching methodology.

Reap the benefits of our economics tuition

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Online Tuition

An engaging way to study Economics

Economics Tuition Online features versatile learning tools to empower students in comprehending various case study-specific issues. Real-time video discussions are included to engage students with the JC Economics tutor to analyse these vital matters. Then, practices are introduced to review conceptual application for essay and case study questions.

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Content Revision

For content revision, we will revise microeconomic topics such as market structure and market failure according to the school syllabus. You will recap fundamentals of how to elaborate your points in writing, apply economic principles to application questions and illustrate with well-drawn diagrams.

Make Learning Productive with Good Notes

With many content heavy A level subjects, students are often overwhelmed with the amount of information to memorise. With good economic notes, you save time on writing your own notes and are able to understand the concepts faster. More time can then be dedicated to attempting practice questions for revision.

Good Analysis and Application of Knowledge

Students face the common difficulty in applying their economic theories learnt in school to real-world applications. To tackle this issue, we teach using an exam-oriented approach to guide you towards an effective way to think, write and answer fast on the questions given

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Reap the benefits of our economics tuition

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How does it work?

An exam-driven learning approach for H1 and H2 Economics

WIth our physical and online learning programmes for H1 and H2 Economics, students can choose the learning programme that best caters to their learning needs. Both modes of learning are structured to provide a complete coverage of content and practise to adequately prepare students for their JC2 and A Level preparation.

Physical classroom lessons

Lessons will be conducted face to face in a physical setting. Having a physical lesson allows for frequent interaction and easier engagement in discussion between the students and teachers. Students will be given printed notes and practices organised according to topics, allowing for easy collation of work for revision.

Live streaming classes and other digital tools.

Similar to physical classroom teaching, tutor and students will learn and teaching using a live streaming feature. A virtual whiteboard will be used for illustration of diagrams and explanation on concepts. Furthermore, students can organise their notes and marked exercises into MyWork folder, a private and digital folder, to ensure easy access to their personal notes for revision.

Review Essay questions and CSQ

Students will be exposed to extensive numbers of Essay types and Case-Study Questions (CSQ), based on different industries and different economic issues to improve abilities to contextualise your knowledge. This helps students to develop the essential exam-oriented skills such as identifying question types and interpreting graphs and extracts

Question and Answer (ask Simon 24/7)

Get your doubts clarified and queries answered by Simon outside of class. Students can do so via whatsapp. Simon answers 100% of your questions related to JC Economics

Effective Quick Notes for revision

Get our in-house designed and exam-oriented Quick Notes on main concepts and graphical illustration to improve understanding. Notes will be reviewed during class to enforce understanding of the important economic concepts and learn how to apply this newfound knowledge to the examination.

Study Right. Study Smart.

Introducing the Economics Learning Studio and Practice Lab - our two distinctive learning features to support the online learning experience for all JC students preparing for the GCE A Level Economics examinations.
The Economics Learning Studio emphasises on conceptual revision to grasp the basics of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. Also, the Economics Practice Lab features essay and case study practices to improve conceptual application skills

Content Enrichment: Economics Learning Studio

An engaging way to study Economics!

Economics Learning Studio focuses on conceptual revision to ensure that students grasp the fundamentals of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. This is achieved through online features, like Livestream Classes for economics discussion and Virtual Whiteboard teaching for diagram illustration.

Comprehend Economics Issues via Livestream Classes

Engage our JC Economics Tutor via real-time discussion and analyse the economic impacts of various issues like the US-China Trade War and the Covid-2019. You can post questions via instant messaging to share your views in an interactive setting to relate to these topics.

Teaching with the Virtual Whiteboard

Observe how the JC Economics Tutor draws the economic diagrams on the virtual whiteboard to understand the process systematically. You can download these visual illustrations for references.

Organise your materials through MyWork Folder

Store all your economics notes, essays and case study practices in a digital folder. You can review your work productively by looking at these online materials at your own convenience.

Review your answers through Document Sharing

Submit your economics essay and case study practices for marking. Our JC Economics Tutor will upload the marked practices in the same folder. You can review your answers to improve the accuracy of writing.