Our Education Methodology

How we develop your interest in Economics?

The Economics Tuition programme was developed by JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng based on a teaching methodology that will guide you through the process of study of A Level Economics concepts. Given the complexity and challenges of the A Level Economics subject (H2 or H1 Economics), we have introduced regular and intensive revision classes to guide you through the comprehension of economics concepts in a topical basis and content application.

Features of the Mobile App

What are the benefits of our Mobile App and how it will enhance your learning

Understanding the academic needs as well as the feedback from our past students, our tutors worked with tech teams and launched a feature-packed Mobile App, serving as an all-in-one learning solution for all. Our Economics Tuition Online App houses all the learning resources as well as crucial learning tools that allow students to practise their essay writing techniques and CSQ skills.

Mobile Learning Tools

A major feature in our Mobile App, the Learning Tools serve to assist students in exploring the various Economic chapters and comprehend the complexities of underlying Economic mechanisms. With your smartphone, you can now pick up your learning from where you have left off in school and continue with various forms of media such as Economics Facts, Model Essays, CSQ techniques and even in-house Economics Videos.

Practise on the go

Complementing the Mobile Learning Tools, our Mobile Practices also allow you to practise on the go, no matter where you go. These practices feature Essays, CSQs and Economic Mechanism, in which students have to examine exam-based questions and give appropriate answers according to their Economics knowledge.

Simplified Economics Learning Resources

How our learning resources will ensure that your revision is more productive?

We ensure that your revision is productive by providing concise and exam-driven topical economics notes as well as industry-specific examples to broaden your scope of knowledge and enhance your interest in Economics-related matters. Through class discussions, online learning videos and economics facts, we are certain that you will be enriched by these learning tools to become more competent and confident in this subject, thereby bringing you closer to the aim of attaining A for A Level Economics.

Concise and exam-focused topical Economics notes

Our online Economics Learning resources are concise and exam-driven to make sure that your content revision is efficient and exam-friendly. Given that the study of economics concepts can be in-depth and time-consuming, our online resources have condensed the essential content for your revision.

Broad areas of discussion to enhance academic interest

In addition to the organisation of concise study content in our learning resources, JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng has also expanded the areas of learning to show you how to apply what you have learnt to real world applications, such as case studies for specific industries and markets.

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Why our lessons at Economics Focus will help you?

Our economics tuition programmes will aid you in your goal to attain academic success at the A Level examination. We organise your study of Economics through topical re-teaching, teach you how to apply your knowledge of economics concepts via class practices and prepare you for the examinations with our free writing workshops.

Organise your study of Economics with our topical re-teaching

We teach you how to arrange your content into respective chapters by conducting topical re-teaching classes. Every lesson will focus on a specific topic to make sure that you have covered the key concepts, factor identification and impact analysis.

Apply your knowledge of economics concepts with our class practices

Direct what you have learnt from the content revision to practise essay and case study questions. Conceptual application is of great importance to prepare you for the uncertainties and complexities of the examinations. We will make sure that you have covered a wide range of questions.

Join our free writing workshops to intensify your revision efforts

Attend free writing workshops to build up the confidence to tackle different kinds of essay and case study questions. We teach you how to analyse the questions and apply the relevant economics knowledge to maximise the mark attainment. These workshops are free for students who join our classes.

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