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What will you get in our magazine?

Our Economics Study Magazine contains Content Enrichment, infographic, Videos, Facts & Figure, Essay, Skills Discussion and Knowledge which aims to help student learn, revise and reflect effectively. This digital education magazine provides you with an organised, directive and effective learn approach to prepare for to get grade A.

Content Enrichment

Gain an understanding of popular Economics topics and examine them from multidimensional perspectives.


Read bite-sized information about trending Economics topics.

Economics Videos

Explore Economic topixs and concepts with the use of graphics and videos.

Economics Facts & Figures

Enhance your knowledge with our detailed and well-researched facr and figures.

Economics Essay

Read up on the essays that are popular and commonly tested.

Economic Skills

Hone your CSQ (Case Study Questions) answering techniques and essay writting skills to excel during the economics exam.

Economics Discussion

Engage in Critical thinking and discussion. Be an active learner and participate in writing reviews.

Economics Knowledge

Assess your conceptual readiness by answeing Multiple-Choice Questions.

Why use Economics Study Magazine

Exciting features of our digital magazine

Economics Study Magazine is an educational mobile application for students who are keen to explore the subject in tech-savvy ways.

Organise your learning

Learn how to study in an organised and efficient way by using our features, like our Economics Discussion and Essays. We have arranged the content by individual chapters based on the two major overarching themes of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. Futhermore, you can study Economics anytime and anywhere.

Organise your learning

Our magazines cover a broad range of topics, ranging from the important pursuit of Economics Growth to the controversial debate on the Us-China Trade War. We have orgranised these crucial and fascinating areas of study to keep them bite-sized and engaging at the same time.

Enhance your thinking and writing skills

In addition to knowledge and content enrichment, Economics Study Magazine includes model essays, MCQ practices and skills development to ensure that you can apply your newfound knowledge to your examinations. These practice resources are written and prepared by our very own JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng. Use these resources to unleash your potential in Economics.

Be enthralled by our illustrative videos and infographics

In contrast to physical magazines, our learning app features educational videos that discuss issues relating to a specific theme. Also, we broaden your understanding of these themes via illustrative infographics and interesting facts that can used in your CSQ and essays.

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