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]An initiative by Economics Tuition Online, the JC Economics Essay is an subsidiary education platform that centers on essay-writing skills as well as the critical-thinking skills underpinning it. Such a platform provides convenience and learning enhanceability to our students as they learn and practise economics essay wherever they go.

Features of our JC Economics Essays

Our JC Economics Essays emphasise on the practicality of exam-conditions as well as the content-proficiency essay skills, so as to prepare our students for the GCE A Levels Economics Paper. These essays are also skewed towards skills development as we pay attention to the various layers of writing, namely structural development, causation development, diagrammatic illustration, extent of argument and further analysis. Our tutors believe that such an approach sharpens critical thinking through a methodical way of learning, hence promoting easier understanding.

Structural Development

Perhaps the most important aspect of writing an Economic Essay, the Structural Development plays a crucial role in formulating the essence of an essay while revealing underlying Question Requirements, Economic Perspectives as well as the Application of Economic Principles in a given context. As a result, student will discover much utility from our JC Economics Essays as they revel in the strategic areas of planning and thinking that our tutors have provided. Good planning and foresight certainly paves the way towards the A Grade.

Causation Development

With the crux of the essay outlined, the next significant step forms the essay body and fills the structural outline. This is yet another critical area to develop as students are expected to convey the meaning of certain economic concepts and expound on its details. Such causation development must be able to stay relevant to question requirements while maintaining succinctness of answer, a difficult approach that our JC Economic Essays can help to address. Students will discover, in our essay, how to tweak economic causation with variations and inject coherence into their conceptual explanations, while receiving exam-oriented writing techniques to induce quick yet complex writing.

Diagrammatic illustration

Unique to Economic Essay, diagrammatic illustration serves to visualise the essence of Economic Principles, so as to outlay the important aspects. Economic Diagrams also help identify key conceptual factors such as Deadweight Loss, Profit Maximisation and Government Taxes & Subsidies. At our JC Economics Essays, we impart students with efficient modes of diagram illustration while ensuring that their diagram descriptions are accurate and concise in explaining economic concepts. These techniques ensure that students develop proficiency in their drawings while maintaining exam-critical expertise.

Extent of Argument

Arguably important in all types of essays, the extent of argument allows the writer to qualify his/her stand and provide strengths as well as weaknesses to the argument. Hence, the ability to qualify an argument becomes a fundamental aspect in an economic student’s writing, demanding exam candidates to provide balance to the argument while displaying academic maturity. However, such a skill is not easy to cultivate as students are expected to understand nuances of similar arguments and think critically with the context in mind. Therefore, our tutors have sought to utilise the Economics Tuition Online platform to bridge our students’ understanding by equipping them with online essay analysis, question dissection and exposure to economic perspectives.

Further Analysis

At the end of the essay, students are given the opportunity to further qualify their essay arguments through a display of in-depth contextual understanding beyond the boundaries of the essay question. This form of further analysis allows students to input additional evaluations and add valuable insights to their answers. With the well-established essay, such an analysis certainly justifies bonus marks as it exhibits the student’s broadness of understanding and the ability to integrate multiple concepts and contexts. Economics Tuition Online encourage students to inculcate these critical thinking habits through evaluative discussions as well as analysis of model examples. Find out how you can hone these critical skills with our JC Economics Essay today!

Microeconomic Essays

In Microeconomics, students will tackle complex essays with increasingly demanding question requirements that ties to in-depth understanding of real-world context. Our students will find our essays useful as we address the primary concerns of essay-writing techniques such as proficient language use, concise ideas and content emphasis. Read on and revitalise your essay techniques in Microeconomics!

Macroeconomic Essays

Macroeconomic Essays relates to the global issues covered in the Economic Syllabus, covering topics such as NIA, NID, Economic Growth, Inflation, Trade and BOP etc. These essays are focused on the causation development of economic concepts and guides students to formulate their thoughts into proficient writing. Scroll down and rediscover your interest in Economics!

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