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Sign up for the economics tuition programme to get a head-start in your preparation for the A Level Economics examination. In addition to the JC Economics Study app, you can also join the classroom-based regular tuition and intensive revision lessons to go through a more in-depth revision of the Microeconomics and Macroeconomics chapters. JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng will show you how to use the learning app effectively to adopt a more exam-focused revision plan.

Why join our Economics Tuition?

Benefits of our classroom-based economics tuition programme

Our Economics Tuition programme are available for JC1 and JC2 students that are taking either H2 or H1 Economics for A Level examinations. Our lessons are no doubt beneficial to you as you will build a strong foundation in your economics knowledge, acquire exam-oriented answering skills and rekindle the passion for learning. At the end of the day, you will develop critical thinking skills to perceive economics issues meticulously.

Build a strong foundation in your economics knowledge

Our JC Economics Tuition programme will be beneficial in establishing a firm foundation in your understanding of economics concepts. The regular tuition features topical content re-teaching that will examine the key areas of study for each chapter, like Theory of Demand and Supply and Market Failures.

Acquire exam-focused answering techniques

Learn how to apply your knowledge to the answering of A Level Economics essays and case study questions. Let JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng guide you through the process of analysing questions and using relevant knowledge to answer them. We teach you how to do paragraph development effectively.

Develop the passion for learning

Ultimately, learning Economics should be an enjoyable and enriching process. The economics tuition classes held in Singapore feature interactive discussions between students and JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng to bridge the gap of theoretical knowledge and real world applications.

How we prepare you for the A Level Economics examinations?

Class activities during the Economics Tuition

The economics tuition programme is conducted by renowned JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng. In preparation for the A Level Economics examinations for JC1 and JC2 students, there will be three types of class activities, namely topical content re-teaching, essay writing skills development and case study answering techniques development. There are regular tuition classes held on a weekly basis, as well as intensive revision programmes that are conducted during the March, June, September and November-December holidays.

Topical Content Re-Teaching

Our class platform provides Re-Teaching on all the topical content under the GCE ‘A’ Levels Economics syllabus and develops a robust Economics knowledge for you as as student. Stay involved and reap productivity during as you revise and memorise facts, statistics and even economic causations with our JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng.

Essay Writing Skills Development

On top of topical teachings, our classroom setting also emphasise on the fundamental skills of essay writing with economic elements. Our developmental classes ensure productive learning under JC Economics Tuition as we examine the different approaches to the complexities of an Economic Essay.

Case Study Skills Development

Hone your Case Study Skills Development with our Economics Tuition classes as we focus on CSQ skills and techniques in a given context of Singapore and the international markets. Learn to analyse data and source information with JC Economics Tutor and nurture the analytical mind to extract important information from the debated sources provided.

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