JC Economics Notes

JC Economics Notes is a segment of our online education platform, Economics Tuition Online, that emphasises on the Economics Materials and Resources. Based on feedbacks from our past students, our tutors have decided to publish an exhaustive set of notes to aid students facing time and academic constraints. Combining content development and interactive learning, our notes allows for greater revision productivity while maintaining a exam-oriented approach so that our students’ revision becomes more realistic.

Features of our JC Economics Notes

Our JC Economics Notes serves to replace our students’ personal studies and revisions as the all-in-one Economics Resource for exam preparation. This is made possible with our comprehensive coverage of the Economics Syllabus as well as an extensive list of definitions and key concepts. Our video explanations and content materials also supplement our issue-based discussion in order to bring focus to our students’ academic direction.

Economic Definitions and Key Concepts

Underpinning the conceptual development in Economics, Definitions and Key Concepts are crucial in a student’s understanding of Economics, though considered a bore by many. Our JC Economics Notes help students to summarise these ideas and consolidate into digestible chunks of information for revision.

Video Explanations

With students encompassing distinctive learning habits, we have introduced our Video Explanations to enable students to view Economic Principles in a different light. With visual cues and live discussions, our economic video explanations have been useful in accelerating our students’ learning as our tutors believe that visual learning enhances conceptualisation.

Issue-based Discussions

Our Economics Notes also feature Issue-based Discussions to stimulate critical thinking among our students. Tying real-world issues to theoretical Economics allows our students to deepen their understanding and appreciate how theories actually play out in the real world.

Microeconomics Notes

Our Microeconomics Notes introduce the fundamental concepts of Economics before delving into the intricates of microeconomics such as the elasticities of demand and supply in a given context. These notes feature proper conceptual explanation, illustrated with economic diagrams for both learning and exam purposes, thereby enhancing its utility and revision productivity.

Macroeconomics Notes

Part Two of our JC Economic Notes is focused on the development of macroeconomics as the content syllabus shifts from perspectives of individuals and societies to that of the countries. Students will learn about problems and policies on the global scale and develop causation development for these issues, followed by further evaluation and analysis of strengths and weaknesses. Read on to find out how!

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