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Economics Tuition Online

Grasp economics concepts effectively.

Register for the economics tuition programme to get a head-start in your preparation for the A Level Economics examination. Our newly revamped programme now features virtual classrooms, learning tools, integrated study apps to support students during tutorials and revision lessons. Access a curated catalogue of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics chapters and streamline your online classroom experience!

Why Choose Us?

An exam-driven learning approach for H2 and H1 Economics.

Economics Tuition Online features versatile learning tools to empower students in comprehending various case study-specific issues. Real-time video discussions are included to engage students with the JC Economics tutor to analyse these vital matters. Then, practices are introduced to review conceptual application for essay and case study questions.

Virtual Classroom for Conceptual

Reinforce your comprehension of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics concepts with real-time video discussions with the JC Economics Tutor. We livestream classes to engage students as they learn new topics and clear any conceptual doubts.

Practice Lab for Content Application Skills Development

Improve your case study and essay writing skills with our modified examinations questions that specially assesses students’ key concept weaknesses. Techniques to ace the examinations are imparted while practices are reviewed and marked by the tutor.

How do we prepare you for the A Level Economics examinations?

Class activities during the Online Economics Tuition.

The economics tuition programme is conducted by renowned JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng. In preparation for the A Level Economics examinations for JC1 and JC2 students, there will be three types of class activities, namely topical content re-teaching, essay writing skills development and case study answering techniques development. There are regular tuition classes held on a weekly basis, as well as intensive revision programmes that are conducted during the March, June, September and November-December holidays.

Topical Content Re-Teaching

Our class platform provides Re-Teaching on all the topical content under the GCE ‘A’ Levels Economics syllabus. Using our economics app and platform, students can reap productivity when they revise and memorise facts, statistics, and review economic causations with our JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng.

Essay Writing Skills Development

On top of topical teachings, our classroom setting emphasises on the fundamental skills of essay writing with economic elements. Our developmental classes ensure productive learning as students break down the complexities of an Economic Essay, with the ease of an online platform.

Case Study Skills Development

Hone your Case Study Skills Development with our Economics Tuition classes as we focus on CSQ skills and techniques in a given context of Singapore and the international markets. Analyse data and source information with our learning tools and pick out economic analytics from debated sources.

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