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Our Economics Tuition Singapore programme aims to strengthen your conceptual understanding of economic concepts and skills application for essays and case study questions. Our lessons are tailored to ensure that students can easily grasp the concept and help them apply what they have learnt to the GCE O Levels and A Levels Economics Examination effectively.

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Why Join Economics Focus

Economics Focus is committed to equip students with intensive and exam-oriented learning experience that will provide you with the necessary skills and techniques in the study of Economics. Apart from the primary goal to make certain that our students accomplish academic success at the GCE O and A Levels Economics examination, Economics Focus will also develop our students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills which we believe is highly valued in higher levels of education and in numerous specialisation of work.

Topical Re-Teaching

Our tutors will assist in the understanding for each of the topics in economics by providing topical re-teaching to students with our own comprehensive economics notes that are easy to understand. Students will learn more about economics definitions, factors identification and impact analysis.

Class Practices

Economics Focus will allocate the time during lessons for class practice such as Essay and CSQ practices. We believe in the importance of applying what you have learnt in order to better understand the teaching points.

Essay Writing Skills

Polish your JC Economics Essay Writing skills by attending our skills development workshops. Students will learn answering techniques, such as outline planning, perspective setting and paragraph development by exposing students with sample essays. This is followed by a thorough explanation from our principal tutor to answer any queries from students.

Case Study Skills

Our tutors will develop Economics Case Study Skills by teaching students essential techniques, such as information extraction, trend analysis, country comparison and policy evaluation.

Diagram Illustration

For Diagram illustration, our tutors will be explaining the important diagrams that are usually needed during O Levels and A Levels examination. Students will also be taught how to use diagrams effectively in order to minimize the time spent drawing and explaining the diagram.

Ace your Economics Examination with us.

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